Toward Interpretable Deep Learning via Fuzzy Logic

IJCAI 2018

Our recent findings disclosed an intriguing connection between fuzzy logic and deep learning. This tutorial highlights the main concepts of fuzzy logic and its applicability to deep learning.
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]


Image Captioning using Phrase-based Hierarchical LSTM Model

Invited Talk at Nvidia AI Conference 2018

This invited talk was presented at Nvidia A.I. Conference, Singapore. The talk highlights how image captioning can be used to assist visual impairment society.


Computer Vision: A Computational Intelligence Perspective

Tutorial at FUZZ-IEEE/WCCI Star

How modern computer vision (CV) research and possible directions, tools and novel ideas that the computational intelligence (CI) community may contribute.
[FUZZ2017] [WCCI2016 Part I] [WCCI2016 Part II]


A.I. - A Dream or A Nightmare (人工智能,美夢還是噩夢?)

TEDx PetalingStreet [video]